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Divorce Mediation

Morristown Divorce Mediation Lawyer

divorce 2At Salvaggio Garibian, LLC, in Morristown, New Jersey, we have extensive experience working with married couples who choose alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as a way to bring about their divorce settlement. The most common form of ADR is mediation. Divorce mediation is a less time-intensive and expensive alternative to traditional divorce settlement or litigation. Our lawyers work with both individuals and other attorneys to reach a fair settlement for divorcing couples.

Divorce can exact an emotional toll on individuals and families. Mediation can often help divorcing couples reach a settlement in a less adversarial manner than traditional legal processes. Divorce mediation is a confidential process in which a trained mediation professional helps the divorcing parties work out a mutually acceptable solution to their disagreements.

Founding partner attorney David Salvaggio has received special training in divorce mediation. He listens to the issues on both sides and tries to guide the parties to a peaceful resolution. Unlike non-attorney mediators, Mr. Salvaggio brings new perspectives to the mediation proceeding because of his comprehensive knowledge of family law in the state of New Jersey. This process may be used to negotiate mutually acceptable solutions to all issues surrounding the dissolution of marriage including alimony and spousal support, child support, child custody, parenting time and equitable distribution of assets and debt. The firm also handles prenuptial and legal separation agreements.

At Salvaggio Garibian, LLC, our goal is to assist you to achieve a satisfactory outcome through mediation. A mutually agreed-upon settlement may help preserve relationships after the divorce is finalized, which is not only in the interest of our clients, but their families as well. To schedule an appointment with Morristown divorce mediation lawyer David Salvaggio, please contact the law office of Salvaggio Garibian, LLC.

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