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Child Support, Custody & Parenting Time

Morristown Child Support Lawyers

family law 1Child support, child custody and parenting time are probably the most difficult and emotional issues that divorcing parents have to face. At Salvaggio Garibian, LLC, in Morristown, New Jersey, our attorneys work with parents to work out the details of child support, child custody and parenting time agreements, with the ultimate goal of achieving what is in the best interests of your children.

Child Custody and Visitation

Custody agreements address both physical custody - the rights and responsibilities regarding the day-to-day care and activities of their children- and legal custody - the legal rights and responsibilities associated with the child's upbringing. In the best case scenario, the divorcing spouses will agree upon these terms on their own and the matter is settled out of court. When an agreement cannot be reached, most New Jersey courts require parents to participate in mandatory mediation session as a further attempt to resolve custody issues. If mediation is unsuccessful, custody will be determined by the court. Visitation, or parenting time, may also be determined using these same methods.

Child Support

Depending on the custody agreement, non-custodial parents are typically required to pay child support on a regular basis until the child or children reach the age of 18. The amount of child support paid varies depending on the parent’s income and the needs of the dependent children. If you fail to make these payments in a timely manner, you face substantial penalty. It is important for both the non-custodial and the custodial parent to speak with a Morristown child support lawyer before agreeing to any child support obligation, in order to determine the feasibility of this arrangement.

At Salvaggio Garibian, LLC, we represent parents in northern and central New Jersey, including Morris, Somerset, Passaic, Union, Sussex, Essex and Warren in child support, custody and parenting time negotiations. To speak with one of our attorneys about your situation, contact our office today.

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